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Syndicated Studies

Our brand new 2020 Syndicated Surveys

COVID-19, Syndicated Studies

Our range of syndicated studies now covers over 30 indications, many of them with results...

COVID-19 2nd Phase - Impact on Physicians’ Practice - Syndicated Study

hemato-oncology, COVID-19, Syndicated Studies, Oncology

How does COVID-19 affect the HCPS relationships with patients and with the pharmaceutical...

mRCC: promising new combinations lead to disruption in L1 and L2

Syndicated Studies, Oncology

Targeted therapies, particularly tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKI) dominate the treatment of...

COVID-19 road to recovery: 5 key insights from our syndicated study

COVID-19, Syndicated Studies

As the global number of infected cases surpasses 46 million (Nov 2, 2020), there is a non-stop...