CMV: current management and opportunities for future treatments for Cytomegalovirus


New in 2023 !

APLUSA launched a new syndicated study analyzing in post-transplant CMV (for both Solid Organ Transplant - SOT - and Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation - HSCT -), with results expected at the end of March 2023. The study design includes both Awareness, Trial & Usage - ATU - questions and detailed anonymised patient charts.

The study has been designed to provide:
•    A market landscape (market penetration, use of diagnostics, level of use of prophylaxis, pre-emptive and curative therapies…)
•    Attitude and usage of CMV treatments in hospitals for transplant patients (current protocols in anti-viral treatment - focus R/R CMV viremia, image and awareness including products in development…)
•    Management of CMV patients in transplant (patient characteristics, market shares, treatment patterns, patient pathways…)
•    Market opportunities (product potential, opportunities for growth…)


Results will be available in the coming months. Would you be interested in receiving more details? We would be happy to set up a short exploratory meeting, or a longer more detailed presentation with one of our experts!

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