COVID-19 road to recovery: 5 key insights from our syndicated study

As the global number of infected cases surpasses 46 million (Nov 2, 2020), there is a non-stop stream of figures and rolling national and international news updates on the pandemic. Behind the scenes, the race to find an effective treatment and/or a vaccine continues.

Unexpected and unexplained, COVID-19 was unfair on hospitalized patients: now is the time to open your eyes to reality, as told by the patients who experienced it themselves.

The research is designed to enable you to cut through the noise. It provides structure to an erratic patient journey and offers a clear overview of the current situation through first-hand patient accounts. It includes an executive summary and comprehensive report, that analyzes the personal accounts of those who have battled with the disease.

We share with you 5 selected Key Learnings that can help you being better prepared, both personally and professionally, taken from our syndicated research investigating 73 personal stories of COVID-19 survivors from 8 different countries.

Most of all, we truly hope that these Key Learnings will turn into Lessons Learned now.

  1. Don’t be surprised if... it happens to you even if you are healthy. It can happen to anyone, not only people at-risk: it was the case of some of the patients included in our syndicated, young and /or fit.

  1. Don’t be surprised if... it happens to you, even if you’re following all the rules (mask-wearing, hand-washing, social-distancing, etc.). It did not happen only to those who took risks and exposed themselves to the infection. This is all part of the frustration with the unfairness of it all, expressed by the population of patients we interviewed over one hour each.

  1. Don’t be surprised if... you feel that your doctor does not take your situation seriously. Some of the patients from our syndicated research were not happy for being dismissed by their physicians.

  1. Don’t be surprised if... the situation gets out of control. Yes, there is no real solution to control it so far. While the general public firmly stood behind and supported healthcare professionals, chaos, isolation, fear, and anger prevailed among patients who are not always so happy with their doctors.

  1. Don’t be surprised if... you are still feeling abandoned after being discharged from the hospital. Other patients felt it too. While the long-term impact may linger, long-time follow-up and care sometimes faulters.

Interested in further understanding of what these patients went through? Looking to identify their unmet needs and the services or products the pharma industry can offer in these situations? Discover more key insights in our full report.

COVID-19 Syndicated Survey: Patients' Perspective