Our brand new 2020 Syndicated Surveys

Our range of syndicated studies now covers over 30 indications, many of them with results already available and historical track record, and others that were more recently designed to prepare for the future. Let's have a look at our brand new additions from 2020.


Of course, COVID-19 has been a hot topic and we created several new dedicated syndicated tools in 2020:

From patients’ perspective:

  • Our large qual survey “The Road to Recovery” conducted in July and August across 6 the globe with from over 73 hours of in-depth patient interviews, provided first-hand testimonies on their emotional journey, from the early symptoms and up to recovery time after being discharged from hospital.
  • This survey will be repeated by this end of year for refreshed results in Q1 2021. It is time to inquire and subscribe to this next wave or get the results from the first wave.
  • The second wave with hospitalized patients will be complemented with a similar one among less severe non-hospitalized patients. You can request for more information about it by clicking the button below:

COVID-19 Syndicated Survey: Patients' Perspective

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From HCPs’ perspective:

  • The impact of the pandemic on physicians’ activity was specifically analyzed on the French market with GPs and numerous specialties. Their workload and habits in terms of relationship with both patients and the Healthcare Industry was monitored.
  • This survey first conducted in France in June with over 500 physicians was repeated in October. You can inquire and subscribe to results by clicking the button below:
    COVID-19 Syndicated Survey: HCPs' Perspective 

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These two HCPs surveys completed in France led to the development of a new syndicated tool turned towards digital transformation, that is planned to be launched this end of year for results early 2021.

These HCPs surveys were completed in France and can be adapted to other regions and markets. Do not hesitate to ask us for information.

Talking about digital transformation, but this time with pharmacists, we have released in March the results of the 4th wave of French tracker of pharmacists' digital behaviors.



We continued developing new patient charts trackers, which are at the core of what we do: real world anonymized patient data collected from HCPs.

These new additions are a real opportunity to dig into the mechanisms of treatment changes. Understanding the treatment pathway and the impact of newcomers on the market is crucial, notably in these areas:

  • The impact of new biologics on the treatment paradigms of Severe Asthma is analyzed in our new syndicated tracker that released first results in Q1.2020.
  • Still about impact of biologics, a new Atopic Dermatitis tracker was also launched in the first markets in Q1.2020 and has been repeated in Q4.2020.
  • One of the nicest additions to our offering is the conversion of an historic ad hoc into a syndicated tracker in mRCC. We have been constantly surveying this market for over 10 years and since it is now listed as a multiclient syndicated tool, you can now benefit from over 10 years of expertise. Results are available for 2020. You can get total market (repeated every 6 months) or monthly dynamic data (11 waves available in 2020).
  • 2 new syndicated trackers, one in Beta Thalassemia, and one in MDS are providing their first results this fall with insights that reveal how treatment paradigms may be impacted by the launch of breakthrough therapies.
  • A new Follicular Lymphoma tracker is also providing his first results.
  • Bladder / Urothelial carcinoma tracker are also among our new offerings, currently in field, as well as a Migraine tracker and a Retina disease tracker.
  • And this December we are launching 2 new syndicated trackers, one for AML and one for Melanoma.

30+ indications are now covered through our syndicated solutions.

Based on samples large enough for actionable, country specific findings, syndicated data collection avoids over-researching small target groups and is cost-efficient, while minimizing the AE reporting and compliance burden for our clients.

Remember that you can purchase segments of data, for example specific countries or therapy lines, so that you only buy the data that is most useful to you. 

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