New AplusA eBook Covers the DLBCL Market

thumbnail_Mockup Ebook AplusA DLBCL 2020 ENIntroducing the latest eBook in AplusA's Hemato-Oncology series


As a market research agency specialising solely in the healthcare industry, AplusA has extensive experience of researching diseases within hemato-oncology. Our latest eBook shares insights from our US and top-5 European Union (EU5)1 syndicated diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) market tracker, one of several syndicated trackers conducted within hemato-oncology.

Each of our trackers captures real-world data from an awareness, trial, and usage survey (ATU’s) along with patient chart information. We include standardized questions to answer key business questions as well as customized client queries to address specific business needs.

An extensive amount of data feeds into each AplusA market tracker. Our DLBCL tracker, for example, collects information from at least 100 US and 250 European hematologist/ oncologists (hem/oncs), who each provide data on their medical practice as well as current and historical information from 4 to 6 randomly-selected later-line patient charts.

Sample sizes can easily be increased to collect and provide customized information for small segments of any market. With an AplusA ATU, Marketing, Market Insights, and other strategic-thinking professionals gain an in-depth understanding of oncology and other specialized treatment markets. Such knowledge is indispensable in today’s competitive environment.

Download this eBook for free for insights on:

  • DLBCL market background
  • Brand performance within the market
  • Patient insights
  • Patient journey insights from our additional social media intelligence research

Read the DLBCL eBook

This eBook includes valuable insights for marketing and market research team working within the DLBCL market. Through publishing it for free, we hope to convey an understanding of the critical knowledge that a well-designed tracker and a complimentary social media study can convey. If you have any questions on the information presented in the eBook, or would like to discuss the full study with one of our directors, please contact us here.