Welcoming the new-look AplusA website!

You might have noticed that our site looks a little different. We wanted to share the story behind the redesign, what you can expect from the new site, and what's coming next from AplusA.  

We have spent the past several months working on redesigning our website and are excited to share the new site with you. In line with our evolving digital strategy, the new site has been designed to improve your experience of interacting with AplusA online. Whether you are searching for specific information about our services, looking for a deeper understanding of AplusA as an organisation, or browsing our library of healthcare market research resources, the new site is designed to facilitate an efficient and enjoyable experience for you, our clients, partners, and community.  


Why did we redesign the website? 

There were three key reasons driving our decision to redesign our previous website. Firstly and most importantly, we wanted to improve the experience that you, our clients and community, have when you interact with AplusA online. We wanted to improve the efficiency with which you were able to navigate, find information, and interact with us via our website.  

Secondly, we wanted to align our website more closely with our values of commitmentexpertise, and exploration. The new site reflects these three key ideas which run throughout the work of the AplusA team.  

Thirdly, the redesign and development of our digital presence reflects a broader initiative that is driving digital development and ensuring that we are at the forefront of emerging technological opportunities within our industry. As the market research industry is rapidly evolving thanks to new digital technologies, we are constantly looking towards the future and developing new augmented solutions for our clients. Our new website was designed to reflect that more closely. 

Our president Pierre Pigeon noted that 

“The current ongoing convergence between Healthcare and Information Technology opens up a wonderful horizon of new opportunities: in this context, our aim is to continue to provide our clients with the best tools to support their actions, to inform their decisions, to validate their strategic options.” 

Our newly designed website is one way in which we hope to better support our clients in the context of this landscape. 

What can you expect from the new site? 

A new look!

The design combines data-driven, machine learning direction that our industry is moving towards with our teams' expertise in market research methodologies and analysis. We believe that a combination of both of these elements results in the most pertinent and insightful studies of the healthcare industry.  

Find what you are searching for with greater ease 

The website is designed with your needs in mind. The navigation relates more closely to the business and marketing issues you are looking to resolve with AplusA market research studies.  

More relevant information about our work and services

We are constantly innovating, evolving, and improving our services based on the feedback of our clients and collaborators. Our services are outlined in much more detail than previously so that, if you have not yet worked with us on a project, you can gain a better understanding of how we work and the types of insights we deliver. The new site will also allow you to access more resources from AplusA including ebooks, blog posts, and videos featuring results from our syndicated studies and more. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know when new resources are launched.  

What's next? 

As we gear up to celebrate the 30th anniversary of AplusA later this year, the launch of our new site is one in a series of exciting new announcements in 2020. In the coming months we will be expanding our COVID-19 research, launching new syndicated studies, opening more global offices in new locations, and launching new social media listening solutions.


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