Social Media Insights: ASCO 2020 Part 2

The American Society of Oncologists (ASCO) annual meeting is a major fixture in the global oncology calendar aimed at oncology professionals, patient advocates, industry representatives, and major media outlets worldwide.


This year's event is entirely virtual and was split into two sessions. ASCO part 1 featured the scientific program, and part 2 the educational program. 


ASCO2020 part2


Social Media Insights from ASCO 20 Part 2


We analyzed the social media conversations surrounding part two of the virtual ASCO 2020. Below are several key takeaways from the educational part of the conference.


Share of voice – Cancer Types


  • 25% - Breast cancer

  • 23% - Lung cancer

  • 20% Prostate cancer

Key Topics Mentioned


ASCO part2


Types of users


The types of users posting about ASCO part 2 on Twitter were mostly HCPs (75%), followed by organisations (25%). Pharmaceutical companies were evidently absent from the digital conversation surrounding this event, which could be seen as a missed opportunity to take part in key conversations with other industry actors. 

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