New AplusA Digital Case study: PSP



Why work with AplusA digital?

We are experts in healthcare research with patients and doctors and in complex medical areas. 

We are able to combine both online and offline behaviours, thus delivering superior digital assets that work in the two worlds. 

Xp : We can dive deeper in UX, CX and IA with our E-thnographic approaches. 


Case study 1: Developing an effective PSP patient support programme


The client Pharmaceutical co. had tried to develop a PSP, however this was largely unsuccessful. There was little adoption of the website & App. Both doctors and patients did not interact with the site and after a recruitment drive and incentivisation, participants failed to return.


Understand the full patient journey and treatment pathway and apply learnings to website/app to ENGAGE all stakeholder users.

Monitor and observe users, their navigation, interactions, needs and understand the influence and interactions vs offline/online behaviours. Test new concepts as a consequence of first stage review.


  • Patient journey – user profiles – online/offline behaviours
  • Navigation blocks identified – KPIs reported and analysed
  • User needs identified and how can be addressed in the PSP
  • Touchpoint – intercept and engagement drivers understood




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