COVID-19 INFO #4 Data Collection in 35+ Countries

This series of INFO posts is designed to keep you updated with the key developments in our industry and activity during the current pandemic. Below are some key updates from AplusA as of April 17, 2020.

The majority of our clients are continuing to conduct market research, and we have 10+ data collection sessions planned in the coming weeks. A webinar hosted by EphMRA looked deeper into the current fieldwork opportunities in EU5 with nationally based fieldwork providers.

  • We have seen steady fieldwork progression over past 2 weeks with HCP studies
  • There has been a high response rate among patients​

Read our post on AplusA's Business Continuity Plan to learn more on what has been put in place since the beginning of the pandemic.


Monitoring Data Collection Around the World




Fieldwork progression remained steady over the past 2 weeks with:

  • On average:
    • 90 data collections in-field​
    • 15 completed data-collection fieldwork per week​
    • 5 fieldwork data collections launched per week​
  • 5 delayed data collections
  • 5 on hold (3 of these were the client's own decision)

35+ countries in-field with AplusA this week

3,749 questionnaires ​were completed in 35+ countries over the past two weeks, which represents on average a 39% increase on the number completed the week of April 3rd.



New report available to download: COVID-19: French GP Reaction Wave 4

General practitioners are an essential line of defense within the healthcare system in the fight against COVID-19 in France as across the world. French GPs are the subject of this poll which has been conducted to research both the diagnoses and suspected infections they have confronted as part of their activity, as well as their morale while faced with current responsibilities. 

The study provides results according to the type of consultation (in-surgery, home visit, tele-consultation, and nursing home visits) and according to the severity level of the French regions. 

Key Results: April 14th 2020 

  • 12% of GP consultations led to a suspected COVID-19 diagnosis.

  • The rate of PCR-confirmed diagnoses evolves with each wave of the study, in line with the increased testing capacity in France.

  • The drop in diagnosed and suspected cases is parallel in all regions included the worst affected  (cases have halved in 12 days in the regions under tension).

  • The morale of general practitioners is strong and very similar in each wave of the results.

  • The practice of teleconsultation has now been strongly adopted, accounting for one-third of general medical consultation.

Full Report: GPs React to COVID-19 Wave 4