The 64th ASH annual meeting and exposition took place on December 10-13, 2022 in New Orleans. The program at glance is available here. This year’s event was primarily an in-person event with virtual broadcasts available. Like last year, APLUSA exhibited in person with a physical booth. With this social media analysis, we will be assessing the impact of the conference online: 

From the view of HCPs:

  • Conditions most discussed during the listening period
  • Posts that generated the most engagement
  • Key trials mentioned
  • A deep dive into the major developments presented during the conference

From the view of pharma companies:

  • Top pharma companies (in terms of engagement and mentions) and the impact of their online communication
  • Insights into what has been communicated from the top pharma company



The scope of the analysis is focused on mentions coming

There were a total of 52K mentions recorded during the listening period from November 26th, 2022, to December 27th, 2022 (two weeks before and after the conference).
All mentions came from Twitter and a total of 11K unique authors were identified.

 *#ash22 OR #ash2022 OR #ASHTrainee OR #ASHkudos OR #ASHRunWalk OR #ASHaiku


Methodoly & content


Focus on HCPs


There was a 16% increase in HCPs mentions when compared to last year. As usual, the peak of conversations happened during the conference representing 72% of mentions recorded during the listening period.



Volume of conversations

Volume of conversations


Top posts

Top posts ASH22

Most liked post, by the influential Vincent Rajkumar M.D., was a summary of the latest developments in the treatment of cancer as seen during the conference.

Most retweetedHematologist Ajay Major shared results from the NEUTRODIET trial with important implications on QoL for patients.

Most replied toa post from an upcoming HCP receiving recognition during the conference, elicited engagement by way of congratulatory messages from fellow healthcare professionals.


Top hashtags

Top hashtags ASH22


The top hashtag was #mmsm (multiple myeloma social media).

Also of note, the use of the hashtags #imfash22 signifying the international Myeloma Foundation members’ attendance at the congress.

The official hashtag #ash22 was the most used one with the variation #ash2022 in second place. Note the use of specific hashtags such as #ashkudos and #ashtrainee corresponding with events organized by ASH during the conference.



Share of Voice (SOV) of medical conditions most discussed (# of mentions)

Multiple myeloma, acute myeloid leukemia, and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma dominated online discussions.

Share of voice medical condictions

SOV of clinical trials most discussed (# of mentions)


SOV clinical trials


Focus on Multiple Myeloma


Volume of mentions

Volume of mentions ASH22

Encouraging results from trials (iStopMM, GEM-CESAR and ASCENT) focusing on multiple myeloma precursors SMM and MGUs were put forth.

Apart from this, the spotlight was put on bispecific antibodies with talquetamab, elranatamab and cevostamab generating interest (see focus later in this document).


Topics of discussion (type of treatment)

topics of discussions ASH22word cloud


Most mentioned clinical trials in MM

Most mentioned clinical trials


Most mentioned molecules in MM

Most mentioned molecules


Top posts from HCPs per engagement

top posts HCPs


Most mentioned clinical trial: iStopMM

The iStopMM trial (Iceland Screen, Treats, or Prevents Multiple Myeloma) is described as the largest scientific study conducted in Iceland. Updates from this trial generated interest and enthusiasm from HCPs who deemed them practice-changing. The abstract “Predicting the Need for Upfront Bone Marrow” particularly stood out.

Key clinical trial      top post

top post


Focus on bispecific antibodies developments in multiple myeloma

Non-BCMA targeted bispecifics are highlighted, giving yet another set of potential tools to combat multiple myeloma.


Focus on CAR-T developments in multiple myeloma

While impactful developments around CAR-T therapies were overall sparse, results from the FasTCAR and KarMMa studies stood out.

focus on CAR-T developments MM


Focus on pharma companies

Curated list: pharmaceutical companies twitter handles that were analyzed during ASH 2022

curated list pharma companies

Volume of mentions overtime

There were a total of 267 mentions during the listening period, chiefly down from 421 mentions last year.

Volume of mentions overtime ASH 2022: pharma companies


Of note, five of the pharma companies curated for this analysis have not tweeted since November 2022. This corresponds with the Lilly issue that arose following the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk in October 2022. This most likely contributed, at least partly, to the severe decrease in mentions this year.


total reach

* "Reach" is a number assigned to a piece of content that is designed to estimate how many different individuals are likely to have seen that content, by taking into account metrics such as retweets, replies, followers of retweeters, and followers of the author.

** "Impressions" is a metric that only applies to Twitter and is a measure of the potential number of times a tweet may have been seen. "Total impressions" is the sum of the followers of the tweet author and the followers of any retweeting authors.


Most engaging posts

most engaging posts

Most mentioned pharma companies


most mentioned pharma companies



Top pharma companies in terms of engagement

Janssen tops companies in volume of mentions. Incyte shows strong performance in terms of engagement.


Top 10 pharmaceutical companies by volume































Top pharma companies ranked per impact*

top pharma companies impact

Pfizer was the top pharmaceutical company in terms of impact.


Top pharma company by impact: Incyte


Incyte logotype

Despite a more contained social media presence during ASH2022, Incyte benefited from significantly more engagement on their published content. This engagement was mostly fuelled by the announcement of Incyte’s INCA033989, a new anti-mutant calreticulin (CALR)-targeted monoclonal antibody, for potential treatment in myelofibrosis and essential thrombocythemia.

Top pharma company by impact



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