Harnessing the power of bayesian typing tools by Steve Bell

Segmentation studies are expensive to execute and challenging to implement. Improve your ROI with an innovative solution, easier to use for your sales reps.

A standard deliverable from segmentation studies is a segment classification typing tool. However, it is often a challenge to get sales reps to use segmentation typing tools because of the requirement for all of the typing tool questions to be asked and answered.

We present Bayesian Typing Tools as an innovative solution to that problem. Bayesian Typing Tools produce segment predictions even if answers to some of the typing tool questions are not available. Bayesian Typing Tools are much easier for sales reps to use and make it much more likely that segmentation study results will actually be implemented by sales reps.

In this video the following points are presented and discussed by Steve Bell, AplusA's Chief Methodologist, including a live demo of standard and Bayesian typing tools in action:

  • Role and importance of Segmentation Typing Tools
  • How Segmentation Typing Tools conventionally work
  • Rationale for Bayesian Typing Tools
  • How a Bayesian Typing Tool works
  • Summary and future directions

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About our Expert, Steve Bell, Chief Methodologist in AplusA Bell Falla:


Steve is a statistician and consultant specializing in pharmaceutical markets and quantitative marketing research methods. He has applied his statistical and software development background to create several original quantitative methods tailored to the needs of pharmaceutical marketers. Steve was an Assistant Professor of Marketing at New York University. He taught courses on marketing strategy in the undergraduate, MBA, and Executive Education programs.

Steve led all advanced quantitative marketing research projects and is one of the senior methodologists at AABF. Steve has an MBA and Ph.D. from Columbia University. He has published articles in medical journals and in academic marketing journals. (List of publications and presentations available on request.)

Steve has also given presentations at the PMRG Research Institute, AMA Advanced Research Techniques (ART) Forum, and the Sawtooth Software Conference. (List of publications and posters available on request.) Steve is a hands-on project manager who loves innovative methodologies as well as the nuts-and-bolts of marketing research production and reporting.

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