APLUSA has obtained ISO 20252-2019 certification

APLUSA is ISO certified for market and opinion research, data analysis, strategic and operational consulting for global healthcare markets, in compliance with applicable regulations, in order to improve the reliability of our clients’ decisions and to contribute to better patient care.”

We are proud to have achieved ISO 20252 certification, which represents more than 30 years of passionate commitment together with our clients – both healthcare companies and institutions – working through them in the service of healthcare professionals and patients around the world.

The decisions that our clients make can have a significant impact on the health and well-being of populations around the world; the quality of our data, the relevance of our analyses, and the reliability of our recommendations make us an integral part of the process.

The convergence of the spheres of healthcare and information technology opens a host of new opportunities; together, we will work to provide the very best tools to our customers to support their initiatives, to help them make informed decisions, and to validate their strategic planning.

Acquiring new knowledge; developing, deploying, and improving our know-how; innovating; and anticipating and supporting regulatory change are the bases of excellence and the commitment of our teams.

The ISO certification process was essential for us to evaluate – measured against the most demanding standards – our ability to develop and execute our products, services, processes, and quality management systems to the expectations of our clients and the aspirations of our employees.

“Being ISO” means committing to permanent and continuous improvement with an eye toward building the company of the future and being a privileged partner to our clients.

Concretely, International Standard ISO 20252:2019 International Standard, Market, opinion and social research, including insights and data analytics — Vocabulary and service requirements, sets out guidance and requirements relating to the way in which market research studies are planned, carried out, supervised, and reported to clients commissioning such projects. It will encourage consistency and transparency in the way surveys are carried out, and confidence in their results and in their providers.

ISO 20252:2019 covers all the stages of a research study: from the initial contact between the client and service provider, to presentations of results to the client. This third edition has been updated to reflect new or modified research practices.

As Don Ambrose, Chair of the ISO technical committee that updated the standard, explains, this standard, “…will enable clients to obtain globally compatible, comparable and homogeneous feedback and make better-informed choices of service providers.”

References: https://www.iso.org/news/ref2369.html

See the ISO 20252:2019 certificate for APLUSA international headquarters and domestic sites.